Zerpo pre-show reporting LogiMAT 2015

As a professional manufacturer on dunnage air bags, Zerpo helps to protect in-transit cargoes avoiding damage.

Zerpo’s dunnage air bag is compliant with RoHS requirement, approved by AAR Level 1 test, could bear compression force more than 9.5tons.

The benefits of suing Zerpo’s dunnage air bag includes: protecting cargoes effectively, lowering logistics cost substantially, easy handling, raising efficiency, supplying reliable protection on in-transit cargoes all the time.

Zerpo’s dunnage air bag can protect cargoes effectively from most types of transportation via filling voids, bracing cargoes, absorbing vibration, avoiding cargoes sliding & impacts.


Zerpo dunnage air bags include PPL dunnage air bags & PPW dunnage airbags according to different outer shell material also with different valves for selection.

• PPL dunnage air bags: outer shell made by paper laminated with PP woven material, allow dunnage air bag strength, high pressure-bearing capacity, wide ranges of application, excellent printing image on the surface, could be used in humidity environment;

• PPW dunnage air bags: outer shell is made by high strength PP woven fabric, which allow dunnage air bag’s resistance to high compression force and could be used in any humidity environment;Zerpo’s dunnage air bags could also be supplied in OEM.