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Is software becoming a decisive factor? Marcus Claesson’s be a mover talk with Jörg Howe.

The be a mover talk with Jörg Howe is a discussion format in which guests are interviewed by Jörg Howe, Head of Daimler Truck communication and special affairs, on how to make a positive difference in the world. In this episode? Marcus Claesson, Chief Information Officer at Daimler Truck talks about the software defined vehicle, how digital services become a decisive factor for selling trucks, Daimler Truck autonomous technology strategy and much more. Find Jörg Howe on Twitter: Enjoy! 00:00 Intro 01:05 Shaping the future of transportation 02:00 Our vehicles are mission critical 03:10 Working towards a software defined vehicle 05:10 Autonomous trucking technology 06:35 Autonomous trucking markets 07:25 Autonomous trucks in urban environments 08:30 A unique opportunity to think in a new way 11:35 Setting ambitious goals 12:30 Attracting the best talents 14:20 Diversity drives quality in decision making 15:15 We have a very purposeful role to play 16:45 Talent is global 17:30 Accelerating the change Visit our channel: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook DT Career: Corporate Website: Ganzen Artikel lesen