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What moved Daimler Truck in 2022? The be a mover recap with Jörg Howe

The be a mover talk with Jörg Howe is a talk format in which guests are interviewed by Jörg Howe, Head of Daimler Truck communication and special affairs, on how to make a positive difference in the world. This episode of the be mover talk mit Jörg Howe is a recap on last years guests with selected highlights and interesting talking points and also an invitation for our viewers to propose guests and topics that they would like to see covered in one of the upcoming episodes. 2022 was an exciting year for Daimler Truck. Not only was it the first year as an independent company, but the company also premiered a lot of new products and technology towards a zero-emission future. The big changes in transportation and within the Daimler Truck company were along the most discussed topics in the 2022’s episodes of the be a mover talk mit Jörg Howe among interviews with industry leaders, cultural entrepreneurs and nature conservation experts. be a mover talk full episodes playlist: Find Jörg Howe on Twitter: Enjoy! 00:00 Intro 00:56 Till Oberwörder – Is the decade of the bus coming? 03:19 Jürgen Hartwig – What makes Daimler Truck an attractive employer? 05:47 Thomas Laubert – What does the work of the Legal and Compliance Department at Daimler Truck look like? 08:23 Susanne Suermondt & Tanya Berndsen – What contribution can "film" make to society? 11:00 Sascha Hähnke – What is the impact of new energy motor systems on the logistic sector? 14:08 Dr. Günter Nowald – How can we safe the crane bird? 17:18 Marcus Claesson – Is software becoming a decisive factor? 21:00 Outro Visit our channel: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook DT Career: Corporate Website: Ganzen Artikel lesen