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Dual View Dumpers: Application in Karawanken Tunnel

A large-scale operation with little space – at this challenging construction site, eight Dual View Dumpers DV90 by Wacker Neuson show that they are ideally suited to this kind of task. With the operating and seat console that can be turned 180 degrees, material transport in the Karawanken Tunnel is no problem, as strenuous turning and maneuvering are no longer necessary thanks to the rotating seat. 6 months, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 1,500 hours in action in total: the dumpers, with nine metric tons of payload, transported material in shift operation on the major construction site of the Karawanken Tunnel. To bring the 115-year-old train tunnel between Austria and Slovenia up to a safe and modern condition, the tunnel is being converted to one track. In addition, the tunnel vault and the portal structures, listed as historic monuments, are being restored, and a contemporary drainage system is being installed. Dual view allows the operator to conveniently and quickly change the seat position through a 180-degree rotation of the entire operator control panel and the seat console. The operator changes the direction of view and the forwards travel direction with the seat position. Time-consuming turning and maneuvering are therefore no longer necessary – a huge advantage in the confined spaces in the Karawanken Tunnel. More information at: Wacker Neuson is proud to be a global brand. Not all products, configurations or services shown here may be available in your market. Stay informed: Subscribe to the official YouTube channel of Wacker Neuson directly with the red button below the video! Ganzen Artikel lesen

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