Evoluzione Terra

Our brand has just launched “Evoluzione Terra”: a #sustainability project born through the collaboration between CNHIndustrial, New Holland and Legambiente. The objective is to boost social, organic and quality agriculture in the South of Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic and, most importantly, in its aftermath. The initiative involves cooperatives of the Consortium Libera Terra Mediterraneo, a non-profit organization created with the mission of achieving a positive social impact by using land properties confiscated from organized crime to produce high-quality products through farming methods that are sustainable for the environment and the communities. Our brand’s role in this project is to enable agriculture 4.0. As a start, we are providing six auto-guidance systems for Precision Farming, which will be installed on the tractors of the Consortium’s cooperatives based in Sicily. To find out more about this project read the full story here: #EvoluzioneTerra #NewHolland #cultivatebiodiversity #socialimpact #precisionfarming #PLM Ganzen Artikel lesen

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