Stationary Firefighting solution with watermist turbine FT10e - EmiControls

The turbine FT10e distributes water mist over a large distance and can thus extinguish the fire faster. Water mist deprives the energy of the fire and increases the cooling effect. The FT10e significantly increases protection because: • Water mist is exceptionally effective in extinguishing fires • The structure is more effectively cooled with water mist • Water mist is able to envelop objects so it can also reach hidden fires • Can be used to hinder the emission of gases The FT10e is certified for the fire classes: A, B, C, F Technical specifications: • 20 Quadrijet nozzles • can be controlled fully automatically or manually • Water flow of 100 - 4,200 l/min • Choice of different nozzle heads and monitors possible • Two independent waterways • Turbine tilt: -19° to +43° • Swing: 360° • Throwing distance: 50 m (water mist), 75 m (spray jet) More Information: A big thank you goes to Gruppo Santini for being the first installation in Italy and for the help with the video: Film Location: Gruppo Santini, Bolzano (Italy) Ganzen Artikel lesen