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Volvo Trucks - Introducing Volvo FH with I-Save – cutting fuel costs by up to 7%

Volvo Trucks is now introducing its most fuel-efficient long-haul solution to date – Volvo FH with I-Save. By combining the new D13TC engine with updated fuel-saving features, this new solution can cut fuel costs by up to 7% on long-haul operations, without compromising drivability. *D13TC Euro 6 step D with the Long Haul Fuel Package (I-Save) vs. D13 eSCR Euro 6 step D without the Long Haul Fuel Package. Actual fuel economy will vary depending on many factors, such as use of cruise control, actual topography, the driver’s driving experience and weather conditions. See more at Volvo Trucks on social media: Ganzen Artikel lesen