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WEDA pumps with Wear Deflector technology by Atlas Copco

New Wear Deflector pump technology from Atlas Copco delivers exceptional reliability Atlas Copco Power and Flow has introduced a new technology platform – the Wear Deflector – for its WEDA D70 electric submersible dewatering pumps that deliver exceptional performance, enabling construction and industrial sites to remove water more reliably and improve productivity. At the heart of Wear Deflector is an innovative hydraulic design that provides a high level of pump efficacy. The clever design has evolved in an extremely durable pump that offers long life under tough operating conditions, resulting in a low overall cost of ownership. “With our new platform we are setting a new high standard for pump performance and customers can be sure of a robust and reliable pump that delivers time and time again,” says Bart Duijvelaar, Product Marketing Manager – Submersible pumps at Atlas Copco Power and Flow. “Solids suspended in water can cause an impeller to wear and prematurely fail, however, this innovative design means the pumps are exceptionally long-lasting. The impellers are also manufactured from high-chrome stainless steel (55 HRC) and as such, have high hardness and exceptional wear resistance.” The WEDA D70 drainage pumps, which have a top discharge design, are ideal for general dewatering applications, pumping groundwater and raw water at construction and industrial sites. They can reliably pump water with a density of up to 1100 kg/m3 and handle water with solids up to 7 mm in diameter. Additionally, the WEDA pumps have an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. Weighing up to 40 percent less than competitive products and in a compact design, WEDA drainage pumps are easy to handle and move around a site. The aluminum body provides strength and excellent corrosion resistance. The pumps are also easy to use and service. Thanks to a special sealing system with stainless steel body, maintenance can be carried out on-site, ensuring that operators achieve minimal downtime. Several features including shock absorbers for rough-handling resistance, and easily accessible oil inspection plugs, help operators to maximize uptime further. The pumps also benefit from a carefully sized motor and can run dry, for reliable and robust operation. Moreover, WEDA pump users are supported by a wide network of dealers and service technicians and readily available parts. In addition to providing superior performance, all pumps in the D range are available with WEDA+ features, which enable quick plug-and-pump installation. They also incorporate phase failure protection, rotation control, thermal switches, and a 20 m cable with a phase shifter plug for all 3 phase pumps. All models feature a built-in starter and motor protection system together with optional automatic level control. The technology platform is initially being applied to the WEDA D70 pump and in the future will be made available to the whole WEDA D drainage range. For more information on the WEDA range of dewatering pumps visit Ganzen Artikel lesen

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